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Over time, teeth may become more susceptible to problems such as decay and cracks/fractures. Crowns (sometimes also referred to as "caps") replace missing or damaged tooth structure when it is compromised by large amounts of decay (cavities) or by fractures. If your dentist notices that a tooth has a large area of decay, seems weakened, or shows signs of crack or fracture, a filling or bonding may not be adequate to repair the tooth. In this care, a crown may be necessary to protect and restore the tooth. 

Crowns can be a very esthetic option for repairing teeth.  New advances in dental materials allow us to make dental crowns which appear very similar to natural tooth structure!

We proudly offer dental crowns at our convenient location in Atlanta, GA. A Dental Crown is a popular cosmetic procedure that can benefit many people who are suffering from a variety of teeth appearance problems and structural flaws including chipped teeth, cracked teeth; discolored, stained, large gaps, receding gum and decaying teeth